Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer time...

So I leave my food blog, to embark onto the many other topics I want to write about, to embrace all the things my life is about, to shed the shackles of a topic.  

And what do I write about for my inaugural post?  Well.  Some things don't change.
So I love food.  I'm pretty equal opportunity about it, but I do have my favorites.  

One of those favorites?  Tomatoes.  Especially fresh, from my garden, super juicy tomatoes.  

This summer we have had a really good tomato "crop."  I also discovered a Thursday farmers market near where I work, and I can't resist their from-the-farm tomatoes either. 

So we have been eating a LOT of tomatoes.  My favorite way to enjoy a fresh tomato is a very simple tomato sandwich.  I'm not going to bore you with a recipe.  It's toast, light mayo, and sliced tomato with a little bit of salt.  I found out recently that some people haven't tried this.  If you're one of them, you are going to need to get on that about 5 minutes ago. 

Look, it's not just me.  Here's a great link about this deliciousness:

I had one for lunch.  Then, greedy girl, I had another for dinner.  Perfection.  So perfect that I forgot to take a pictures!   But believe me, it was Ah-mazing. If late summer sunshine had a taste, I think this sandwich would be it.  It makes me want to say words like ripened, and laden.  

Here's a picture of more bounty:  

Those aren't rotten tomatoes there on the top.  They are habeneros that I also bought at the farmers market.  I'm hoping this little tray will become salsa soon.  Minus the sweet potatoes.  That'd be weird.  

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