Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DIY saving tip!

Good morning!  Last night, I ran out of dust cloths for my Swiffer.  I dust mop almost every night.  We have forced hot air, wood floors & I really hate how dirty the floor gets.  (I follow so that probably has something to do with it.) 
Anyway, I was displeased.  I needed to dust mop & I needed to do it now.  
A little ingenuity and google searching later, I came up with the PERFECT solution!  Our regular old dollar store face cloths (don't judge me.  You know you love the dollar store.)  fit our Swiffer!  They are a little too big on one side but that is fine by me.  It's free & I don't have to throw out a cloth every night.  I was pretty psyched.  Hopefully someone out there in blog world will find this useful, too. :) 

Here are some fun photos of my mop.  Doesn't she look pretty?  
From the side
Her name is Myrtle.

So now I'm thinking I can use this trick for wet mopping too.  But I have to work that one out.  I'll report back if it works! 

Anyone out there DIY cleaning solutions? Mop crazy often? Love dollar stores? 

<3 AM

P.S. You should still buy Swiffer products.  I don't want to get sued or anything. :)


Matt McGuire said...

I ran out of my mop liquid for our Swiffer mop so I attached some Clorox sanitation wipes to the bottoms of my sneakers and mopped my floor! I rediscovered a few fancy dance moves in the process and all was clean!

Annemarie Elizabeth said...

Haha Matt you crack me up. I bet you really did do that. As long as you didn't burn your feet again! ;)