Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tips for Small KItchen Organization

Hi guys!

Friday night I was reorganizing our kitchen cabinets (I know, big weekend over here) and I was thinking about the ways we have adapted to our small house & kitchen.  So I figured I'd share some tips for keeping your sanity in a small kitchen, whether it's a dorm, apartment, or starter house.  

  Here's our little kitchen.  It's an L shaped kitchen, and while it's a decent size for our house, for two people who love to cook, eat, and entertain, it's pretty minuscule.  

We also hate (like HAAAATEEEE) cluttered surfaces & try to keep appliances out to a minimum.  

So here are my tips for keeping your adorably small kitchen functional and presentable.

First tip is- choose your furniture very wisely.  Here is a picture of our original kitchen.  As you can see, the biggest change is the island.  It was built in, and it did give us added counter/cabinet space, so it did have good points.  However, it was also three feet wide.  And the refrigerator couldn't open all the way because it hit the counter.  

So since the island took up a LOT of valuable floor space, we knew we wanted to switch it up when we redid the floors.  

Here's tip 1.2 . Don't rush into anything.  We took about 6 months to pick out that Ikea beauty up there, and I'm glad we waited.  We actually went to Ikea three times to look at it before we purchased anything.  Don't be afraid to think outside the box- this was supposed to be a bar.  And don't be afraid to customize.  Eric took about 10 inches off each side of this to make it fit our kitchen perfectly. And he sanded & finished it so perfectly, you wouldn't even know it. (Love him!) 

We also replaced our fridge over time. The design of this one wasn't really working for us (it jutted out really far in front of the counter) andddddd it caught on fire.  (Yes, on fire)  So when we replaced, we didn't have much time to decide, but we are happy with what we picked out- side by side, with a water dispenser, and it's shallow (like me!) so it gives a much more natural entry way to the kitchen. 

More tips coming in part two of this post!

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