Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kitchen Organization: Part 2

Hi guys!

Here's a little bit more on kitchen organization.  We have found that Creative storage solutions can make or break our little kitchen. 

 Here's one.  These glass racks were from Ikea, and we bought them way back for our first apartment.  

They store 9 wine glasses or 12 champagne flutes, & they make this space usable.  This frees up half a shelf in our cabinets. 

Plus, they keep the inside of the glasses from getting dusty (since they are stored upside down.) 

And another Ikea find!  This magnetic knife wall is about 5 years old, and it has served us well.  I like that it keeps the knives out of the way, plus it looks kind of cool (or ominous.)

Added bonus?  It keeps the knives out of drawers where they could potentially cut someone.  

*Check out that diesel exhaust fan. So ghetto but it works well!

Did I mention I have a weird jar obsession?  Well, in this case it pay off.  Rather than having awkward bags of items in the cabinet, and shelves over the sink full of tchotchkes, we took some of my Hoarders-style jar/glass container collection & put it to use.  

Regular staples in salvaged jars has a cool Pottery Barn/old farmhouse look that I really like.  

OK so this last one is not really a storage solution but it is a reminder to not let a small space cramp your style.  This butter dish is functional and it adds a little visual interest to the shelves.  

The cutting (right)  has been in that glass bottle since we bought the house.  I like having something green and living on the shelves but they are too narrow for a real plant.  The cuttings look cute & rustic, and I can always give one to someone who admires them. 

Finally, my last tip- be BRUTAL about what takes up space in your home.  You deserve to have a clutter free home that doesn't feel crowded.  Food slowly spoiling in your cabinets could feed a kid who needs dinner.  Your extra 5 muffin tins or 3 sets of measuring cups could bless someone who could use them.  Don't be afraid to let things go!  You'll feel calmer & happier if you have a little room to breathe. 

So that's my little post on our little kitchen.   What do you do in your kitchens to maximize space?


Meg said...

I am extremely afraid of your knife wall YET I applaud you for your self-defense!

Annemarie Elizabeth said...

Haha maybe I should move the knife wall out of the reach of potential criminals...